Monday, October 5, 2015

Overuse Injuries Commonly Occur in Dancers

One of the most popular recreational activities in Colorado Springs for young girls and adolescents is dance. Many parents enroll their children in dance classes to help keep their children fit and allow them to develop new skills. Unfortunately, almost 90 percent of dancers experience an injury during the lifetime. While acute injuries from accidents occasionally occur, the most common injuries that orthopedic surgeons must treat in dancers are from overuse.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Dancers often repeat movements in the ankle and foot over and over again. This repetitive movement can cause swelling and result in tendinitis. Dancers who don't build up enough strength in their ankles before going "en pointe," dancing on their toes, may increase their chances of ankle sprains.

Knee Injuries

The unique foot and ankle positions that are used in dance can place added stress on the knee, resulting in knee pain or causing the knee to twist while dancing.

Back Injuries

Stress fractures in the lower back that may result from lifting or over-arching the back can cause the spine to become weakened. Occasionally, this can cause the vertebrae to slip out of place, resulting in a condition called spondylolisthesis.

Hip Injuries

A common injury that many dancers experience is the feeling or hearing the sound of a snap as they move their hips. Known as snapping hip syndrome, it can cause pain in the frontal hip joint.

Any time your child receives an injury from dancing, an orthopedic surgeon is the best option for their care. An orthopedic surgeon will help to ensure that a child's growing bones get the specialized care that they need to properly heal and will help young dancers to quickly return to the dancing they love.

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