Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Types of Orthopedic Surgery

Although most procedures being done by orthopedic surgeons involve invasive procedure, there are some instances that they can also conduct non-invasive ones. Regardless of the procedure, however, most orthopedic surgeons do three common procedures.

Total Joint Replacement

This kind of procedure is typically recommended by any orthopedic surgeon for those who suffer from severe arthritis, especially in the knees. In a total joint replacement, an 8 to 10-inch incision is made near the kneecap which, in turn, is rotated away in order to give the orthopedic surgeon access to the area that needs to be worked on.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Similar to a total joint replacement, total shoulder replacement is also recommended for those suffering from the effects of severe arthritis. This procedure is also commonly done to patients with fractured or broken shoulders. In most cases, it is the ball and socket part of the shoulder that is replaced with a plastic or metal implant. This allows the patient a greater range of mobility.

Spine Surgery

When your back pain already prevents you from doing your regular activities, you might need to have your orthopedic surgeon take a look at your spine. Depending on its condition, you might have to undergo spine surgery.

There are actually different types of spine surgery although the most common is known as the Spinal Fusion where the affected spines are fused together into one solid bone. While this results to limited motion, it lessens the discomfort and pain.

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