Monday, March 7, 2016

Let Colorado Orthopedics help you Spring back into Colorado Springs!

Colorado is a truly amazing place with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities alike. There are always places to go and things to see such as bustling downtown nightlife or quiet nature walks in the park. Unfortunately, orthopedic problems or conditions can rapidly sideline folks from enjoying these items to the fullest.
While sports and athletic activities can surely create some of these scenarios, orthopedic problems can affect anyone and can strike regardless of age or gender. Items such as ankle or heel pain, knee joint issues, and shoulder or hand muscle or nerve complications can quickly escalate into painful conditions that can limit or even eliminate the ability to complete activities. Chronic conditions, such as arthritis, may also need to be addressed so that they can be managed effectively.

Specific treatments are targeted towards recovery and healing wherever possible, in conjunction with minimizing pain and working towards returning to full range of motion and sports activity in the future. There are differing options for treatments depending on the particular condition.

Early steps may include an office visit, an MRI or X-rays, and observation by the physician or therapist to assess pain levels, how well the limb or affected area can move, and what muscles or bones may be involved. Conservative treatments are generally used first, such as anti-inflammatory medicines, using ice or heated compresses, and rest.

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