Thursday, February 18, 2016

Types of Surgery That Orthopedists Do on the Knees

If you are having knee pain, popping or loss of motion, your orthopedic surgeon in Colorado Springs has several different surgical options to treat you. Your doctor will go over the treatment options with you and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each type. These are some of the types of surgery that the orthopedic surgeon may perform on your knees.

Arthroscopy is a procedure in which your surgeon inserts a small, flexible cable with an attached camera into your joint. This can be done on the knee, shoulder, hip or any other large joint. An arthroscopy is a diagnostic procedure that will help your surgeon identify problems such as missing cartilage.

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement of the knee is one of the most common surgical procedures that orthopedists perform. A knee replacement may be done if your cartilage has worn away and you are in constant pain. You may also need a knee replacement due to osteoporosis or a patella fracture. Knee replacements can be partial or total. Your knee may be replaced with an artificial or grafted bone.

Soft Tissue Repair

Many athletes need a surgical soft tissue repair if a torn ligament or tendon does not heal with rest or other conservative measures. The surgical soft tissue repair helps to restore a normal range of motion to the joint. Soft tissue repair is often done in young athletes and active adults.

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