Monday, October 5, 2015

Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgeons treat various medical conditions that affect different bones and muscle tissues. Here are the most common orthopedic treatments in the United States.

Total Joint Replacement

This procedure helps athletes who have arthritis and is considered effective because it reduces pain and enhances range of motion. During the surgery, the technician examines the injured joint thoroughly. The surgeon may then replace the joint with a plastic or metal material.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Nothing soothes and heals a sore joint quite like total shoulder replacement. Typically, the surgeon will replace small portions of the cartilage and bone in your shoulder with an implant. The purpose is to enhance range of motion.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery will be needed if you are experiencing severe back pain every day. During this procedure, the surgeon will fuse your spinal bones together. Following the surgery, motion along your spine will be restricted.

ACL Reconstruction

An ACL injury happens when the knee is twisted the wrong way. ACL reconstruction is required after a ligament ruptures.

To repair a ruptured ACL, a surgeon must remove the damaged ligament. Usually, a technician will make a new ACL with the patient’s tissue or with a donor’s tissue. The bone tunnels that the surgeon creates in the knee will fill in as the tissues heal. This process slowly secures the new ligament in place.

After the Surgery

Drink plenty of fluids after the surgery. If you are experiencing any pain, the doctor may prescribe pain medication.

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