Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why Seek an Orthopedic Surgeon in Colorado Springs

Doing physical activities without proper warm-up conditioning puts your body at risk of sports injuries. In the field of medicine, a sports injury is any damage related to the musculoskeletal system or in areas of the joint, soft tissues and bones, during or following sports activities.

Muscle sprains and strains, dislocated joints and bone fractures are common sports-related injuries that will occur when strenuous actions are done without precaution. Such forms of body damage are often due to accidents at the moment of activity, overdone movements or insufficient conditioning. Remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not supposed to be dangerous if done the right way. 

General Types of Injuries

All musculoskeletal breakage may be classified in either chronic or acute injuries. Injuries that occur in a sudden way or in a one-time event are described as acute, such as fractures, strains and splinters. Such damage is usually identified with inflamed areas, excruciating pain, limb weakening and evident dislocated bone. 

Meanwhile, those sustained due to performing a particular movement over a period of time are considered chronic, as with stress fracture and tendinitis. This kind of breakage is usually caused either by doing the technique wrong or doing it in a sudden way. It is chronic trauma when you experience swelling, discomfort every time you move, and aches even while you’re at rest. 

Regardless of the type of trauma, remember to never continue doing the activity for it will only aggravate the problem. Consult an orthopedic surgeon right away.

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