Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Understanding the Role of Sports Medicine Experts

Elite athletes from Colorado Springs understand the importance of sports medicine, or as it’s referred to by doctors, sport and exercise medicine (SEM). The primary focus of sports medicine is to improve an athlete’s ability to perform and treat any injury resulting from competition. Professionals in the field of sports medicine are responsible for the continued care and recovery of athletes. Sports medicine doctors are experts in the field of orthopedics, emergency medicine and family medicine.

Sports medicine physicians help elite and recreational athletes with acute injuries such as joint injuries, ankle sprains, dislocations and fractures that do not require surgery. Many recreational and elite athletes suffer from overuse injuries, especially elite athletes who compete professionally. Sports medicine physicians treat overuse injuries such as tendonitis and stress fractures.

Sports medicine as a whole also helps athletes with their nutrition and training regimens that help prevent injury and promote exercise. With proper nutrition and training, athletes have a better chance of returning to their original routine, which in the field of sports medicine is known as “return-to-play."

Anyone who works in the sports medicine field actively promotes proper exercise and diet. The philosophy is that an active lifestyle and proper diet reduces the risk of illness and injury such as hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes prevention and mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.

A common misconception is that sports medicine specialists only treat elite athletes. The truth is that most sports medicine specialists treat a diverse range of patients and the majority of their patients are non-athlete individuals.

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