Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Orthopedic Surgeon: When Exercise Goes All Wrong

Physical exercises keep the human body healthy, but these have to be executed with knowledge and care, integrating warm-ups after every intense movements. Improper twisting, lifting, pushing, or landing, whether in sports or exercise can cause musculoskeletal injuries. Common types of sports injuries are bone fractures, muscle sprains, ligament tears, and dislocated joints. 

Preparing For your Orthopedic Appointment

Going to your orthopedic appointment is no less different than preparing to go see your family doctor for an appointment or treatment. You still have to prepare yourself. Be punctual; you are strongly advised to arrive 15-30 minutes early than your scheduled appointment to allow time to complete your health questionnaire, with all the necessary details on your medical condition and history. Being late not only aggravates your doctor, but the other patients, as well.